Extending our story much beyond the standard terms, Foamico aims to emerge as the leading EPE/EP foam producer and supplier. Through our vast produce and dynamic approach, we cater to every whim of our customers.Bringing in a fresh approach in the polyethylene industry, we’ve brought new advancements and evolved techniques in our work methodology and practices.

Be it a bulk consumer or an individual with small requirement, we have the same quality assurance and ace treatment for each one.We assure customer satisfaction by the virtue of our ethical business practices.Slowly treading our way to the international market, we’ve amped up the quality and service well enough to cross most benchmark standards in our line of business.

Manufacturing insights:

Our manufacturing cycle is such that we produce EPE /EP foam sheets in variable densities and length and make them available to our consumers with unrivalled service, quality and commitment.

We believe in working around four M’s of Manufacturing.

Man: Our team comprises of critically screened and effectively trained individuals. This manpower is put to efficiently planned processes to minimize error count and yield best outcome.

Machine: Rate of production is set keeping in mind the number of tasks a line can handle, that’s where efficacy shows up.

Material: Raw material is managed in sync with its shelf life and the amount of surplus/waste material.

Method: We have mastered demand forecast precision and have accordingly designed an efficient production plan. We adhere to this plan under all circumstances to maintain production output size.

Functionality facets:

Spread across 200,000 sq ft. area, maintained under the best possible hygiene standards and safety measures, our manufacturing unit is build to perform customized tasks.The raw material is imported and the entire manufacturing process is carried out in India, proudly so!Taking ethics as one of our main concerns, a recycling plant has been set in the vicinity of the manufacturing unit to ensure minimal waste and environmental damage.

Business specifications:

The most potent ERP system is set up by the company, that ensures an integrated functioning of the entire business.We have well segregated yet interconnected manufacturing, packaging and dispatch units that allow timely scheduling of the manufacture and distribution process.

Focal aspects:

Foamico has a strong human resource pool comprising of over 100 workers and an equivalent number of clientele.Our brand lays special emphasis on building healthy and long term relationships with both our suppliers and consumers.The company aims to satiate every client’s demands and lead ourselves to becoming world’s top reputed and sought after entity in the foam industry.