Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE/EP) is polyethylene based foam made of many tiny cells averaging from 0.3mm to 1.0mm diameter in size .It is a flexible, light weight resilient and cushioning packaging material. Expanded polyethylene has certain superior features, which give it an edge over other packaging materials. They are discussed below are given below.

Expanded polyethylene is highly flexible and hence does not break or crack during any amount of extensive handling and transportation.

EPE is able to undergo deformation on application of load and to recover repeatedly and almost complete on removal of the applied load.

Since EPE is a Non-Hydroscopic material. There is absolutely no scope of lowering value of the properties like cushioning value, resilience, flexibility and corrosion. EPE is almost water proof material.

Thermal Insulation :
EPE being a plastic and especially of foam is an excellent thermal insulation material for low temperature application.

Abrasive Characteristic:
Expanded polyethylene exhibiting zero abrasion property becomes most suitable for packing smooth precision and highly polished surface product.

EPE having no water absorption and a very low density, exhibits excellent property of buoyancy.

Chemical Resistance:
EPE is insert to almost all chemicals including strong acids but exception being toluene benzene and carbon tetrachloride.

Microbial Free:
EPE is non hydroscopic and does not have any nutritional value hence does not attract insects likes ants, cockroaches and termites and does not allow moulds or fungus to develop on it.

EPE is naturally antistatic and does not attract dust and special antistatic grade sheets are also can be made for packing of electronics so as to protect them from electric charge from environment.

Non Toxic:
EPE is completely non toxic product eliminating any harmful effects on the product packed.

Working Temperature Range:
Expanded polyethylene allows a working temperature range from -50oC to 80oC

As can be seen from above properties, expanded polyethylene is a wonder packaging and thermal insulating material as against the conventional materials wood wool, paper shaving, craft paper, honey comb, rubberized coin, PU foam, thermocol and air bubble film.

Our Products

EPE Foam Rolls

We offer an extensive range of EPE / EP Foam Rolls to the valued customers.

EPE Foam Sheets

We offer an extensive range of EPE/EP Foam Sheets to the valued customers.

Uses and Applications:

Cushion and mattresses Cushioning Corner pads, pad &saddles Encapsulation, Case inserts, Over wrap Blockings And display usages
Automation Light Weight Thermal insulation Carpet Under layer, parts material handling and separators, roof Under layers, under Bonnet insulation etc
Waters ports safety Buoyancy Life vest Ski belts, Swim pool covers, Game floatation, Boat floatation
Sports & Recreation goods Mats & under layers Gym Floor mats,
Athletic Field pads,
Sleeping bag pads,
Construction Thermal Insulation, Low water vapour transmission,
Sound proof
Water proofing, heat and cold Insulation, , under Ground Cable wrap ,Floor underlay, concrete curing blanket
Air Conditioning & refrigiration Thermal insulation Industrial refrigeration, Cold room, Air handling units, AC Ducting